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Cognac and Susan at Garden of the Gods - CO Springs, CO
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Susan J. Squittieri CH,CRMT,CKH
Ph: 845.512.8389

Two Bear Herbs & Holistic Health
Nyack, NY

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TBH's is Dedicated to:

  • Paying attention to body, mind, emotions, and spirit
  • Creating a soothing environment of compassion, caring, and beauty
  • Recognizing that their are many paths to self-healing
  • Educating and empowering people on herbal and nutritional information for both
    themselves and their animal companions
  • Educating people about the benefits of Reiki for both human and animal kind
  • Guiding those who want to become Reiki Practitioners/Master Teachers
  • Offering Reiki to those who are seeking alternative modalities for themselves and
    their animal companions
  • Deepening relationships between people and their animal companions through Reiki
    and Animal Communication
  • Spreading Reiki
  • Spreading the word about the benefits of Animal Communication
About Two Bear Herbs & Holistic Health

    Susan is a Certified Herbalist, Energy Medicine Teacher and
    Practitioner, Animal Communicator, Intuitive, and a life-long animal
    lover.   All her life she has had a deep connection to nature,
    animals, and people.  Always the gentle spirit, always kind, caring,
    and compassionate, and always willing to provide guidance to
    those in need.  She is passionate about informing the community
    about health needs and options, and educating about the benefits
    of holistic wellness, and getting people and their animals healthy
    naturally and affordably.  Susan is focused on providing master
    services with the highest levels of natural healing benefits.
    Begin Within Reiki
    In 2006, Susan established Begin Within Reiki - Animal Communication and Reiki for
    People & Animals, a natural healing and educational institution committed to helping
    the community connect, grow, heal, and support the loving people who spread their
    knowledge and wisdom of the healing arts for both humankind and animal kind.
    Formerly of Lakewood, CO, Begin Within Reiki is now the sister company of Two Bear
    Herbs & Holistic Health.  
Susan enjoys observing wildlife and landscape, gardening, traveling, soaking in natural hot
springs, camping, river swimming, canoeing, snow shoeing, xc-skiing, sitting by a fire, lying
in her hammock, walking in nature, her family, and animals.  She resides in Rockland
County, New York.
About Susan J. Squittieri
    Susan is a self-taught Herbalist of 20 years, who recently received formal education
    and became a Certified Herbalist and Iridologist.  Lorna K. Silva, of Littleton, Colorado
    is Susan’s Herbology, Iridology, Kinesiology, and Chinese Face, Tongue, and Nail
    Analysis instructor. Lorna studied under world-renowned Iridologist and health
    advocate Dr. Bernard Jensen.
    Energy Medicine
    Susan is a Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui System of Natural Healing.  Susan’s Reiki
    lineage traces directly back to the founder of Reiki, Dr. Usui, who began practicing
    Reiki in Japan in the early 1900’s.  Susan is also attuned to Second Degree Karuna
    Reiki. Her teacher is Reiki Master Teacher Joanne Hibbert, founder of the Center for
    Wholistic Healing, Lakewood, Colorado.

    Susan is also a Certified Basic Level Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner.  Her
    teacher is Faith Supple, founder of Faith Supple Unlimited, Beacon, NY.
Animal Communicator Susan J. Squittieri
    Intuitive Abilities
    Although a natural gift from childhood, Susan has trained with Professional Animal
    Communicator and Psychic Valerie Parks, founder of Sun Mountain Insights, Denver,
    Natural Sciences
    Other professional certificates awarded to Susan include a BS degree in Geology and
    a BS degree in Wildlife Biology.
Susan views animals and Mother Nature as her teachers, healers and guides and continues
to study their wisdom and healing abilities.

    Susan's practice is dedicated in loving memory to Cognac.  

    Cognac, Susan's beloved female Alaskan Malamute canine
    companion of 13.5 years has by far been Susan's greatest
    influence, spiritual teacher and guide in life's journey. She
    continues to guide and inspire Susan as she follows her
    heart and souls calling to support animals and their people
    on their healing path.

    - Her Spirit Lives -
                                                  January 5th, 1995 to September 9th, 2008  

In Loving Memory
Cognac at Lair O' the Bear Park -  Idledale, CO
My love, Cognac Thelacia Dubois. Always in my heart and spiritually by my side.
Two Bear Herbs & Holistic Health (TBH's) was founded by Susan J. Squittieri in 2008 and
was created to educate and empower individuals on the many health alternatives for
wellness, preventative and maintenance care, and self-healing through the holistic
approach for both themselves and their animal companions.
On a Personal Note

I have dedicated my life to living! I
look back at the experiences I had
in wonderment. I can truly say that
my life so far has been an
incredible journey :) I have always
followed my bliss, and will continue
to do so. I give thanks and praise
to every animal, person and
situation that has come into my
life, for they have provided me
with insight for my highest and
greatest good for my spiritual
growth and development.
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Favorite Quotations

What you think you will become
What you focus on you will bring
What you want you will get
What you fear will happen

American Indian Proverb
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Be the change you want to see in
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It is better to look back on life and
say: " I can't believe I did that."
Than to look back and say: "I wish
I did that."

Change your thoughts and
change your world.

Norman Vincent Peale
The mind is like a magnet. The
quality and strength of your
thoughts will determine the quality
and strength of what you attract
into your life.