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With Much Love and Graditude

    Thank you so very much for the kind words and generous support
    you have been giving me. I am very grateful! I love what I do and it
    brings me great joy and happiness to know that I have made a
    positive difference in your lives.  

    Much light and love,
Thank you for your kind words and continued support.
Kind Words of Animal Communication Clients
I just wanted to write and describe how a visit to Susan changed a dog's life.  I had adopted
a dog last September from a rescue organization that told me the dog had been traumatized
and needed a nice, quiet home where she would be the center of attention.  This described
my house perfectly and I was very excited to bring her home.  She was given a bed in my
room where I would see and talk to her frequently.  She got on that bed and didn't leave it
except to go outside or eat.  Despite my talking and petting and soothing her, she never
interacted or even looked at me.

This went on for three months with no change until I sought Susan's help.  With only a
picture and my dog's name, Susan was able to communicate with the dog.  Susan told me
that the dog had been taken from a farm to my quiet home and thus she felt like she was
being punished and she didn't know why.  Susan said the dog was longing to be in a home
with lots of activity, children, dogs and bouncing balls.  I thanked Susan and when I got
home I talked with my sister who has three children, two dogs and lots of bouncing balls.  
She offered to take the dog and I agreed.  

The dog, now named Zoe, started running and playing the afternoon she got there.  Now,
nine months later, she is a happy, well-adjusted active dog.  We also found out that just
before she came up north, she stayed on a 20 acre farm which serves as a "half-way
house" for rescued dogs before they come to be adopted.  All of this occurred due to
Susan's ability to communicate with animals.  I can't recommend her services enough, she
changed this dog's life for the better!!.  
Kirk W. Johnson  Northern New Jersey
Susan Squittieri helped me find my cat Rusty who was missing for one month! With the aid
of two separate animal communications between her and Rusty, I was able to place him in
an approximate location by using landmarks given to me.Then she told me to put up signs
everywhere. Near that location, someone who was taking care of him, saw the sign!  Susan
was also able to let me know of Rusty's mental and physical well-being, also, and she is
compassionate and sympathetic, as well.  This animal-loving family thanks you, Susan!  
Linda S., Woodcliff Lake NJ

I had worked with two trainers on how to get our one dog stop pulling while we walked.  I had
Susan ask our dog, "Will you please quit pulling?" and our dog replied, "Why don't you get a
longer leash?."  I bought a retractable leash, and we've been enjoying our walks ever since!
I had always thought that this type of leash would have made our walks much more difficult.
Susan also helped us to better understand some of the stress and anxiety that our dogs
were feeling.  
Jean M. New Rochelle, NY
Susan’s intuitive understanding of energy and her ability to connect with animals is quite
remarkable.  I would recommend her to those individuals who are interested in getting to
know their animals on a deeper level.
Mary M. Rockland County, NY

For years, Susan has been a trusted resource for my animals.  Susan is an exceptionally
talented animal communicator whose rapport with other species is truly astonishing.  Her
warmth and compassionate style have brought healing and clarity into my relationships with
my animals.  I will always turn to Susan first for any of my animals needs.  Her first priority is
their well-being; she is needed in this world for gapping the bridge between humans and
their animal companions.
Roni Taylor Littleton, CO

I have had the pleasure of working with Susan Squittieri, for  both an animal communication
session and attended beginning animal communication class.  Susan works with great
compassion, patience, and professionalism.   Her animal communication session gave me
great comfort and aided in the healing I was looking for.  The animal communication class
was very thorough. I feel it has provided and guided me in the ground work I needed to
begin working on the skills of an animal communicator. I am far from mastering the skill. That
takes practice and dedication on my part.  But the ground work has been well laid out by
Susan.  I have the utmost regard for Susan's vast skills and abilities and highly recommend
working with her.  With much gratitude.
 Susan R. Saugerties, NY
Susan and Scamper- In Loving Memory
Kind Words of Animal Communication Students
Animal Communication Clients & Students
I recently took the Beginning Animal Communication Class with Susan. Susan is a great
teacher, warm, intuitive, and funny. She says that we all have the ability to "listen" to  and
communicate with our animal friends. We just have to take the time to listen. I got so much
from this class and it has really helped me to be able to communicate with both my own pets
and animals in general. Thanks Susan!
Cindy M. Rockland County, NY

I've recently taken the Animal Communications course with Susan because I've always
wondered if such a thing was possible. Well I've learned that not only is such a thing
possible but it is also easy to learn and apply to everyday life. All animals are in some form
of communication all the time. It’s just learning to tune into their realms psychically to pick up
on information. Like tuning your TV to the right station. It does take some practice in
concentration however Susan’s style of teaching will help you to achieve a higher level in a
very short amount of time. I can say that I had many connections with other people's
animals and they were able to validate my findings for me. This course on animal
communication is invaluable to anyone who is looking to doing this as a profession or just
become closer with your animals.
David F. West Nyack, NY

I thoroughly enjoyed beginning animal communication class. I learned alot about
communicating intuitively with animals and about myself. I'm grateful to Susan for all she did
and recommend the classes to anyone interested in helping or working with our four legged
Susan., White Plains, NY

Hi Susan -  I just wanted to say thank you for the class (Beginning Animal Communication).
You did a great job explaining everything, and I know you made all of your students feel
comfortable and welcome. I will be doing my work and practice. Hope to see you at Reiki
share.  Thanks again.  Peace and Light.
Linda., Westwood, NY

Thank you again for the beginning animal communication course. You are the perfect
teacher for this course.  You were so grounded, compassionate, nurturing, and really made
the class fun and exciting.  Your love for animals and teaching really shows. You were very
thorough and your manual is simple yet detailed, and easy to understand. I am so glad to
have you as my mentor.  I look forward to our animal communication session with my 3
Diane P., Greenwich, CT

I am so glad that we scheduled a private group class with you. It was well worth the travel.  
You are so patient, so passionate, and so knowledgeable! The class far exceeded our  
expectations. The girls and I look forward to practicing and will keep you posted of our
progress. I highly recommend this course if you want to learn how to use your intuition to
connect with animals.  If you have any doubt about what you can accomplish from this class,
don't. Susan is amazing! A very big THANK YOU!!!  
Mia L., Brooklyn, NY
I just wanted to let you know that during  the reading you did indeed connect with my Luna.  
You said that she was not feeling well and I didn't believe you because she had been fine
that morning but when I got home she was indeed very ill.  You have blown me away with
your sensitivity.   Thank you.
Elizebeth P., Northern New Jersey

I was skeptical about doing an animal communication session with my four dogs, but after
hearing what Susan had to say it was clear she was very real and genuine. Everything she
told me was right-on and I would definatly recommend her.  
Amy S. of Upstate New York
I just wanted to take a quick minute to tell you that I had a session w/Susan today... I am a
big believer in Spiritual Work anyway & have always been open to it. I have a woman that I
became friends with many years ago who's a very gifted Medium & her work w/me was life
changing, to say the least. I have not however, worked w/an Animal Communicator before. I
wasn't sure how in tune they were, but when I met Susan I just felt an instant connection

I have to tell you that my session w/Susan today was again.... life altering. Not only did she
communicate w/Cedric & actually get to see him in person... which NEVER happens.... she
communicated w/my Indigo who has passed. The information we shared will put me on a
different trajectory & allow me to understand them even better. What was really most
interesting though, I have to say... is that even though I did not share any personal info
w/Susan about my kitties, she picked up immediately on their different personalities & even
though it wasn't planned or even a thought in my head... my kitty Griffen that passed in Aug
2001 came through as well as the fact that I had ****** surgery days before his passing. She
never would have known this, b/c none of you even know I had even forgot about
it really... So I just want to say that I highly endorse Susan. It was an amazing session & her
energy is so relaxing & healing.  Just saying... she's ah-maze-ing.....
Jennifer B. Northern New Jersey

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We came upon some literature on Susan and Two Bear Herbs.  We had Susan see one of
our beautiful cats when he became terminally ill.  We did so figuring what could we lose.  
However, what we gained was both very helpful and comforting to us.  We have always been
open minded but never anticipated that through the use of her gift of Animal Communication
we have added a new dimension of our understanding of reality.  We were amazed at the
things Susan communicated to us through our baby.  She relayed so much that there was
absolutely no way she could have known and has helped us through the grieving process of
having now lost him.  Reiki is a wonderful energy healing practice and her gift of being so in
tune with it is a blessing that we are so happy to have had and will continue to have her be
apart of our lives with our beloved animals.  Thank you so much again Susan and we really
do look forward to our future experiences with you.  Bob went on about his wonderful
conversation with you.  You really are so centered and a genuine soul that is to help people
like us and our most precious treasured animals. Always our best.
Judith L.  & Bob C. of Teaneck, NJ
In Loving Memory of Crazy Horse
In Loving Memory of Lola
In Loving Memory
Laura and Chargot
Tom and his loyal companion Bosley
Clint and Teresa - Pure Joy - In loving memory
In Loving Memory of Tonka - 10/27/2000 - 12/16/2013
Hi Susan, Just a quick note to say thanks so much for the session on Pharaoh. It was
everything I expected. I feel  it has brought me closer to him, in that I understand who he is,
and what I need to do to make our life together happy, and joyful! I feel like we are
becoming a team, and will keep moving forward in that direction. Thanks again, you are
awesome!! Sincerely, Good and Plenty, :)  
Regina F. Valley Cottage, NY
Susan is a master of Animal Communication. Lady's Legacy Equine Rescue, Inc. has been
utilizing Susan's skills for 2 years now. We take in abused, neglected and slaughter-bound
horses and most of the time they are very scared, scarred from their past, and in need of
TLC. When we were having trouble reaching out to one of our rescues, we began searching
for animal communicators to see if it would help. Well, let us tell you, Susan nailed it. She
knew things about these horses that only we knew. She was able to determine who was
slaughter-bound, who needed calming supplements and who had trust issues. She
connected with each horse at our farm and was able to speak to them. We have never seen
such a fast turn around in a horse. The horses all have a sense of relief to them. They are
able to be handled and even trained now! Susan is our go-to gal when we are having
trouble with a rescue or when we would just like to "check up" on everybody on the farm!
She's excellent and we recommend her to everyone we know!
Kaitlin B of Lady's Legacy Equine Rescue, Inc. - Wappingers Falls, NY
Very calm and patient, Susan truly has a gift when it comes to animals. A dog named Sally
that I had adopted from a local shelter 5 months prior to our session was still having a
difficult time adjusting to her new home with me. Susan helped to communicate Sally's needs
to me and was able to help her to feel more comfortable. Susan also did 3 distant Animal
Reiki sessions. Since then, Sally has become less anxious and is more trusting of me.
Outstanding work and I would highly recommend Susan.
Karen W., Philadelphia, PA
Susan is a compassionate, caring, and honest person who has a wonderful gift: she can
connect and communicate with animals. I have had many animal communication sessions
with her for many different reasons. I have always received valuable insight that has helped
me to understand my pets. Really knowing your pets makes it easier to care for them.
Understanding why they do the things they do can take the frustration out of a situation.
Susan has helped me to strengthen the bond I have with each of my pets. She can help you
find the answers you seek. She truly is amazing.
Susan P., Mahwah, NJ
We contacted Susan when our cat Zazu went missing in August of 2014.  Since we had
never been involved with a psychic before, we were not sure what to expect.  Susan was  
quite professional, and very sweet.  She cared, and wanted to help find Zazu.  Susan called
us and gave us some details on what  surroundings he was in.  We went looking, using the
description that Susan had given us, and after multiple phone calls back and forth, and
constant questions, we were able to find Zazu.  Zazu was in the exact spot that Susan had
described.  We were amazed and shocked how  she was able to pinpoint his whereabouts
with such accuracy. Zazu had been missing for over 2 days.  We are so glad we called
Susan.  She saved Zazu. If she had not become involved in the search we don’t know if we
ever would have found him.  We can’t thank her enough!  She is a caring person who is
great at what she does, and we would recommend her to anyone who is missing an animal.
Christine C., Lagrange, NY
My 29 year old thoroughbred named Skinny had always been a gentleman. When he
started kicking down fences and shivering, we were worried. Susan communicated with him
and he told her that he was lonely and felt he had lost his bond with me (I had been riding
Skinny for 20 years!). In addition, he was clingy for the "blond".  Since his barn was owned
by two blond women,
I assumed it was one of them. It was time for him to move. So we built a
barn but needed a companion horse.  A white horse named Frosty had been sold
from the
"blond's" barn a few months earlier. Frosty became available as a companion and as the
two horses were reunited it was clear who the blond was. Frosty was the bl
ond. The two
have been inseparable and blissful.
Thanks Susan! Karen K., West Hartford, CT
As someone who wasn't sure about how animal communication "works" and what can be
derived from it, I have to say I am blown away by the experience. I went into it thinking only
about how could my cats benefit from it...not too much about how/if I would benefit from it.  
As the "mom" to a 13yr old formerly overlooked male cat, who I adopted when he was 10yrs
old, and a 9yr old calico, that I adopted as a 7yr old, I felt like we needed some help to sort
out this weird living arrangement the three of us found ourselves in. I have always felt that
there were some among us that could understand more than most when it comes to animals.
I am happy to say it's true. Being able to get insight into how they see the world I have
created for them has been invaluable. By being told about small adjustments they'd need
and like, their happiness has only become louder & clearer. In any relationship, being able
to see the world through the other's eyes brings about a level of comfort that can't be
calculated. Knowing they are happy and feel loved has lifted weight off my shoulders that I
didn't realize I was carrying. I can't thank Susan enough for all the insight she has shared
between the 3 of us. With each day, we build on it and go forward finding even more love
between us than could ever have been imagined.
Sandi L., Manhattan, NY