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Contact Information

Susan J. Squittieri CH,CRMT,CKH
Ph: 845.512.8389

Two Bear Herbs & Holistic Health
Nyack, NY

Serving NY, NJ, CT & Nationwide

  • Convenient House Calls
  • Phone Sessions
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  • Private Parties
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Why Consult an Animal Communicator?

    Give your Animal a Voice...Alive or In-Spirit

    Susan bridges the gap between people and their animal
    companions bringing awareness, understanding, and
    positive change for the healing process, therefore,
    improving and deepening relationships.  

    An animal communication session with Susan is a wonderful
    opportunity for you to have a conversation with your animal
    companion.  Using her telepathic and intuitive abilities,
    Susan is able to talk directly with your animal companion
    and translate the information, therefore giving your animal a
    voice. This allows your animal to express themselves in an
    enlightening way. You can ask your animal companion
    questions and receive information about how they are
    feeling and what they are thinking, learn your animal's view
    points on their lives, their life purposes, the meaning of your
relationship with your animal through their perspectives, clarify food and behavior concerns,
and talk with your animal directly and openly about health, illness and end of life issues.

Susan also communicates with animals who are In Spirit, providing closure and comfort.
Animal Communicator Susan J. Squittieri
serving NY NJ CT & Nationwide
How Does Animal Communication Work?
To communicate intuitively you use your intuition to connect with another person or animal,
sending and receiving information in one or all of these four main ways:

  • Communicating Mind-to-Mind: this ability is called mental telepathy or
    clairaudience (clear hearing).  It is the transfer of thoughts from one mind to another
    without the use of the recognized physical senses. It is the ability to hear thoughts in
    your mind.
  • Sending and Receiving Visual Images: this ability is called clairvoyance (clear
    sighted). It is the ability to see things with your inner eye also known as your third eye.
  • Sending and Receiving Feelings: this ability is called clairsentience (clear
    feeling) and empathic. The ability to sense or feel energy.  It is the ability to feel the
    physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of a person, place or animal.
  • Knowing When Something is True: this ability is called claircognizance (clear
    knowing). It is the ability to know something is true without any factual support
What is Animal Communication?
Animal Communicators do not read body language.  An Animal Communicator intuitively
communicates with animals.  This is done by mentally sending and receiving thoughts,
images, and experiencing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of an
animal. Animal Communicators can work either in the presence of the animal or from a
How Can Animal Communication Help You and Your Animal?
A session with Susan can bring understanding on a level you might never have thought
possible.  It often brings insight on how your animal companion is seeing things, which can
be a lot different from your own perceptions.  As humans and animal guardians, we can
learn a lot about ourselves through communicating with animals.  Animals are our loving
speechless friends, teachers, and guides, and  have so much to share with us.

Animal Communication can be helpful for many common problems with all kinds of animals
whether they are domestic, farm, exotic, or wildlife.
In the Presence of the Animal or from A Distance
Susan can work either in the presence of the animal or from a distance using just the first
and last name of the animal guardian and the name of the companion animal. This
information functions as do the call letters of a radio station and tuning into the person and
animal is like tuning into a radio station to hear their song being broadcast.

    Two Bear Herbs & Holistic Health
    Animal Communication, Reiki, and Herbs & Nutrition for People and their Animal Companions
Animal Communicator
Examples of how Animal Communication can help you and your animal
  • Finding or locating lost Animals

  • Solving Behavior Problems - understanding the causes of behavioral issues and
    resolving problems

  • Understanding emotional issues such as fear, anxiety, stress, aggression,
    depression, grief etc.

  • Helping your animal to understand environmental and family structural changes, such
    as moving, divorce, new baby, separation, vacations, business trips or the addition of
    a new animal family member

  • Addressing Quality of Life Issues - find out what your animal feels, wants, and needs;
    improve relationships with human and non-human family members

  • Assistance during Illness or Injury - learning and understanding experiences
    surrounding health, illness, injury, and trauma, find out what your animal feels, wants,
    and needs

  • Assistance during the death/dying process - supporting your animal's needs and
    desires through death and dying, and learning your animal's desires during this

  • After Life/Spirit Communication - transitional communication with your animal; after
    your animal has left the physical body and find emotional healing after loss with
    Animal in Spirit readings

  • Assisting rescue animals with issues of abandonment, abuse, neglect; understanding
    shelter environment, facilitation of new homes, understanding their needs and desires
    for a new family

  • Animal Selection and introduction - select based on energetic compatibility and or  
    introduce a new animal to its new family companions both human and animal

  • Animal Adoption - find out about a rescued animal’s past and what kind of family the
    animal desires to become apart of

  • Enhance learning and training - although animal communication is not a substitute for
    behavior training and does not always dissolve behavioral problems, using animal
    communication can assist us in learning to understand our animal's viewpoints which
    may be contributing to their behavior
Request an Animal
Communication Session

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Animal Communication

Animals do feel and are very
connected to their people and the
environment they live in. Your
animals life, health, and happiness
depends on your ability to
understand their messages to you,
on a daily basis.  

If you are having issues with your
animal whether it be food related,
or emotional or behavioral, please
consider consulting an Animal
Communicator before taking any
drastic measurements such as
abandoning, surrendering, or

Animal Communicators give your
animal a voice and can save a
Kind words of Clients & Students

    Susan is dedicated to:

Deepening the relationships between
People & their Animal Companions

Bringing about awareness, understanding, and positive change

Please do not hesitate to contact
Susan if you have any questions.

Ph: 845.512.8389
Free Sessions for Animal Shelters and Rescue Organizations
Animal Communication Sessions are free of cost for animal shelters and rescue
organizations.  Susan works with animal shelter and rescue organizations in several
different ways talking with rescue animals in facility and foster care to:

  • understand issues of abandonment, abuse, neglect; understanding shelter
    environment, facilitation of new homes, understanding their needs and desires for a
    new family what the best home might be for them

  • find out about a rescued animal’s past, providing animal reiki for animals in
    distress/illness during foster and shelter care

  • talking with trainers working with foster animals

NOTE: A small fee will be assessed if a foster guardian is scheduling a session for in house
care concerns
Private Parties

Are you looking for a fun & unique
way to get together with friends?
Why not have an Animal
Communication Party! What could
be more fun? An Animal
Communication Session will leave
your friends excited, surprised,
and even more connected to their
beloved animal companions than
they were before.

Schedule a fun filled private
Animal Communication party for all
to enjoy! The Host is free...Inquire
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Animal Shelters & Rescue

Susan offers free animal
communication and animal reiki
sessions for animal shelters and
rescue organizations.
Animal Care Providers

Susan works in partnership with
Veterinarians, Animal Therapists,
Animal Behaviorists, Animal
Trainers, Animal Welfare
Societies, Rescues, and Shelters
to assure the quality of life for all