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Contact Information

Susan J. Squittieri CH,CRMT,CKH
Ph: 845.512.8389

Two Bear Herbs & Holistic Health
Nyack, NY

Serving NY, NJ, CT & Nationwide

  • Convenient House Calls
  • Phone Sessions
  • Classes
  • Private Parties
  • Events and Fundraisers
Offering Reiki House Calls in NY NJ & CT

For clients in the New York Metropolitan Area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut,
Susan makes house calls, traveling to the home, office, or hospital.

Restore your Balance and Well-being
Reiki is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself or someone else. Reiki is good for all
bodily ailments increase vital energy or just to maintain good health.  Reiki will help you on
your path to wellness and a more fulfilling quality of life.  Experience the gentle and
soothing effects of Reiki today!
Kind words of Clients & Students

Reiki Sessions for Adults & Children
What to Expect
Susan will create a very tranquil and relaxed atmosphere, by playing soothing music and
making certain you are comfortable.  

Reiki Sessions are tailor–made to each person. Susan will discuss your reasons for
receiving Reiki and how the session will progress. You are then asked to lie down on a
massage table with only shoes removed, and after a few moments of relaxation, the Reiki
session begins.  
    How many  Reiki Sessions should I have?
    Each persons needs are different. Depending on the situation, results can be seen
    immediately or within a day or two. Sometimes it is necessary to do several
    consecutive sessions in a short period of time.  During your initial consultation with
    Susan, she will recommend a Reiki plan that will help you achieve your wellness goal.
Reiki Benefits

Class & Events Info

Reiki Sessions can be Scheduled in the
Comfort of your Home or from a Distance.
    What does a Reiki Session feel like?
    The Reiki experience varies somewhat from person to person, but feelings of deep
    relaxation are common. Receiving Reiki  provides a calming, soothing, and
    reinvigorating experience. It is a peaceful, gentle process that enhances the well
    being of whoever receives it and is very empowering.
    What does a Reiki Session look like?
    A Reiki session may look like a massage except that the person lays fully clothed on
    a massage table, but their is no physical touch or manipulation of the muscles/flesh.
    Susan will gently place her hands in specific positions slightly on or above the body
    and move to new positions when necessary.
    Can Reiki be done from a distance?
    Yes......Reiki is energy and not limited to time or space. Distance Reiki is very
    effective and can be preferable to in-person sessions in some circumstances.
    Distance Reiki offers the same benefits as in-person Reiki. Because some people  
    may live too far away for in-person sessions, distant or remote sessions will provide
    what is needed.

    Distance Reiki can also be applied to situations, circumstances, and specific events.  
    Reiki House Call

    Initial Reiki Session for Adults: are One-hour and fifteen minutes and
    includes: Client history, and a one-hour session. (110)

    Initial Reiki Session for Children (infancy to age13) : are Forty-five
    minutes and includes:  Client history, and a one-half hour session. (80)

    Follow Up In-Person Reiki Sessions: are schedule at 30 minutes for
    children and 60 minutes for adults. Children......(65) and Adults......(95)

    ***Travel Fee applies for house calls exceeding 30 minutes...(15)
    Distance Reiki Sessions:

    Initial Distance Reiki Sessions for Adult and Child: are forty-five
    minutes and includes Client history, and a thirty-minute session (65)

    Follow- Up Distance Reiki Sessions for Adult and Child:
    are thirty-minutes (50)

    Distance Reiki Session for a particular Situation, Circumstance,
    or Specific Event:

  • Initial Distance Reiki Sessions: are forty-five minutes and includes Client
    history, and a thirty-minute session (65)
  • Follow-Up Distance Reiki Sessions: are thirty-minutes (50)
Services and Fees:
Special Offers:
Gift Certificates:
Reiki is the perfect gift.  A
Reiki Session or Reiki
Session package makes a
wonderful gift for any special
occasion, holiday, or just
because you care.  Gift
Certificates are personal and
are always appreciated from
the heart.  
Scheduling your Reiki Session
Please visit : Appointment Information
Reiki can do no harm...
Reiki works for the highest and greatest good...
Reiki always goes to the cause...
Referral Program
Refer an individual who has
health concerns for
themselves, other's, or
their animal companion and
receive service discounts if
they schedule an

  • for every referral
    receive 10% off your
    next purchase
Loyalty Program
To show my gratitude and
appreciation for returning
clients, I am offering a
loyalty program.

  • after 5 sessions
    receive session 6
  • after 10 sessions
    receive session 11

Please do not hesitate to contact
Susan if you have any questions.

Ph: 845.512.8389
The Five Reiki Principles

By Mikao Usui - founder of Usui
Shiki Ryoho Reiki

Just for today, I will not be angry

Just for today, I will not worry

Just for today, I will be grateful

Just for today, I will do my work

Just for today, I will be kind to
every living thing