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What is Reiki?
Reiki, pronounced ‘’Ray-key'’, is a Japanese energy balancing technique that reduces
stress and promotes health and well-being for the body, mind, and spirit. The word Reiki
comes from the Japanese words ‘’rei'’ meaning spirit, and ‘’ki'’ meaning life force energy. It
is usually translated as ‘’Universal Life Force Energy.'’

Life force energy has many other names depending on the culture that has named it. “Ki” is
similar in thought to “chi” or “qi” in China, “prana” in India, and “huna” in Hawaii.”  Science
calls it biofield energy.

Many ancient cultures embraced the belief that life energy flows through the body, deeply
affecting our entire being. Current research strongly suggests that energy does extend
throughout and beyond the physical body, and that disruptions or imbalances in its flow
correlate to physical, mental and emotional illness. The healing art of Reiki addresses these
imbalances to support your good health and well-being.

Reiki is one of the more widely known forms of energy balancing and involves direct
application of Universal Life Force Energy for the purpose of strengthening the energy
General Information about Reiki
The Ancient Art of Reiki Goes Mainstream
Reiki is gaining wider acceptance in the medical, health and beauty establishments.  
Hospitals, medical offices, spas, and animal care providers and veterinarians across the
country are now using this thousand year old Eastern energy balancing system in response
to the growing understanding of Reiki as a powerful non-intrusive tool for health and

Reiki can alleviate pain and stress, and promotes restful sleep, healing and relaxation.
Relaxation in itself promotes a host of benefits for the mind and body including a heightened
sense of well-being, release of muscle tension, and relief from an over-active mind. In
addition, relaxation has been shown to help restore immune function and improve
circulation, enhancing self-healing throughout your body.
How does Reiki heal?
Reiki heals by opening, balancing, and harmonizing the energy centers (chakras) and
energy channels (meridians) of the body by removing energy blockages so that the natural
healing capabilities of the body are allowed to work unrestrained.  This process helps to
restore and strengthen the body's innate healing abilities—for improved health and  

Reiki, has been used to help humans for thousands of years. We now know that this natural
modality can be used to help animals.

Reiki can do no harm and safely complements all holistic and Western natural healing
modalities.  Reiki can act as a catalyst to stimulating the healing response when the healing
process of the individual or animal is bogged down or compromised.

***Please note that Reiki is not a substitute for medical treatment nor is it a diagnostic tool.
Is Reiki a religion?
Reiki is not a religion or system of belief. Reiki is often called “spiritual healing” because it is
not guided by the practitioner. The energy has its own innate wisdom to go where it is
needed and do what is necessary to bring balance and harmony for self-healing. Reiki is
not “faith healing” because belief is not necessary for Reiki to be effective.
The Science of Reiki:
Reiki is energy. Energy is all around us in all different wavelengths and frequencies.  All  
living and non-living creation possess an internal and external energy field. Reiki addresses
the energy field releasing blockages and restoring balance. Because Reiki is energy, it is
not limited to time and space and can be done long distance. This concept may be difficult
to grasp for some individuals.  If you are at all interested in the science of Reiki energy,
please continue to read. In addition, further research the chakra and aura system.

    Quantum Physics - The Basics

    Energy Field Examples:

  • Living Objects - Scientists have proven that Human, Non-Human, and
    Plant kind possess a biomagnetic energy field.  The energy field is
    created by the electrical currents from our cells.  The electrical currents
    created at cellular level arise from metabolic and chemical processes.

  • Non-Living Objects-  Quartz has unique properties such as
    piezoelectricity, energy storage and amplification abilities. It has helped
    humankind create many of our modern tools of technology, such as
    lasers, optics, computers, communication systems, radio, television,
    ultrasound and much more.

    Energy Example:  

  • Einstein's theory of special relativity includes electricity and magnetism in a
    simple, logical extension of the relativity of Galileo and Newton. Its conclusions,
    including time dilation, length contraction, and E=mc2 have changed
    profoundly our ideas of time and space, matter and energy.

  • Simply put - Einstein showed us that E=MC2 , Energy equals Mass times the
    speed of Light squared. This tells us that Mass and Energy are  
    interchangeable. And that both space and time are not absolute. The most
    important consequence of this is that Mass is nothing but a form of Energy. So,
    everything is a form of Energy, objects at rest have stored Energy. Trees,
    rocks, animals, water and people are all made up of Energy, in one form or
    another. This means that Energy can exist as either solid matter or as non-
    solid matter, such as a beam of light. Radio waves, microwaves and X-rays are
    all forms of pure non-solid Energy

  • Einstein - "Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed
    from one form to another."

  • Meaning: the amount of energy in the Universe is constant.
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